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We design interiors with documentation  that  is ready for construction  and  can be submitted for DA approval. The design concept is integrated into the interior  space  through  our  design.

Our designs will convert your workplace from  just a place where you  do business to an environment that shares your DNA. The design concept is implemented so that the workspace is completely your own. It shares your culture. It reflects your brand.

Our designs find the perfect balance between your needs, creativity and practicality.  Many  interior  designers focus on over the top designs that are costly – but the resulting interiors are often impractical to use. Other  interior design  companies are at the other extreme, designing generic interiors that are practical and simple to fit out, but the interior does not reflect your business culture and brand.

We are a small company, so you are not just a number to us. We take the success of your business personally. We work closely with you to ensure your needs are met and that our designs are practical for YOU to use. Our designs are creative in how we express your story, your culture and your brand through the interior. This is what sets us apart from our competitors: we take a personal approach to design creative, practical interiors that make you shine.

Our design is presented in 2D drawings  as well as 3D models. Included in the final drawings is a: layout plan, furniture and fittings plan, electrical and lighting plan as well as bespoke joinery details.  We  compliment these drawings with finishes, fittings and equipment documentation, which  includes  a sample board.  We also provide a cost estimate for the fit out which includes all material and labour costs.  The documentation we deliver will allow the design to be executed in the fit out stage of the project.

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