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Everything is created twice. The first creation is in the mind and the second creation is in reality. Concept design is about that first creation. The design concept is the idea that the interior is based on. It is the idea that incorporates your brand and your culture into your environment.

During this crucial first step of the interior design process, we work closely with you to understand your needs, your vision and your culture. Our designers develop creative concepts for your interior space, which are consistent with your brand, culture and target audience. We find a solution to your design problem  by developing a design narrative. We produce sketches of the interior arrangement  and recommend furnishing and finishes idea in   a  mood board format.

Great design begins with a concept

Every design is based on a concept – even if you are simply copying the layout of your previous workplace.  When you need to fit out your office or your store, you are already committed to doing the hard work – you may as well do it properly. Putting the thought into a creative design concept that fits your needs is a small cost that has tremendous rewards.

How good design impacts your space

One example of how a design concept can take your interior to the next level is when we designed a flagship store for an upmarket fashion brand. The brand relied on a designer label and wanted customers to receive the VIP treatment. The design concept of a parabolic mirror was used to create a focal point at the centre of the store. This meant that each customer that entered the store was drawn to the focal point and therefore became the centre of attention and felt like a VIP.  The design concept formed the basis of all subsequent design decisions so that the environment was consistent with the emotion that the brand wanted to instill in customers.

The benefits

When people walk into an interior that skillfully applies a design concept, they remember their experience. Your workplace becomes something people talk about in a positive light, which grows word of mouth advertising and enhances the perception of your business to future employees.  When you do a fit out,  starting with a design concept is an opportunity  you cannot afford to  miss.

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