Fast Print Services & Sydney Wedding Printing – Interior Design



Brief: Design a retail space within the existing office and factory building. Fast Print Services and Sydney Wedding Services share a commercial space but service two different markets. The retail space should display wedding stocks but be suitable for both markets. We are situated in Alexandria and want a funky and stylish interior design to appeal to the local demographic. An additional factor is that we have just found out that our building has been sold so we don’t want to spend a lot of money on a building that is going to be demolished.

Design Concept: opposites attract

Fast Print Services and Sydney Wedding Services are opposites that attract each other. One is industrial, the other boutique. One is larger than life and the other fine and dainty. Just like two completely different people can be attracted to each other and form a bond for life, so these two businesses are connected to one another.

This dynamic inspired the design concept of opposites attract. And nothing says opposites attract more than magnets.  Opposite poles of magnets always attract each other. A ring magnet was chosen as the type of magnet to express this design concept because the FPS logo is round and a wedding results in exchanging rings which are also round.  As a result, the magnetic field extending outward from the centre of a ring magnet formed the basis for this interior design. The magnetic field is concentrated at the centre of a ring magnet. In the same way, the centre of the retail space will be the focal point. All parts of the business will extend from this focal point.

The retail space was designed with the tables and chairs in the centre because this is where the interaction with the customer will happen and the customer is the focal point. Lines on the floor extend out from the centre to emphasise this focal point. The contrast of black and white on the feature wall adds to the design concept of opposites attract. The black wall also makes the white wedding stock stand out. The slick black and white wall is further contrasted with a wood finish on the adjacent wall which provides a more industrial element to the space. The opposite wall near the stairs has a bold, loud comic feature painting that adds a funky element to the space . The combination of these contrasting features creates a fun, quirky and stylish retail space that reinforces the brand and personality of Fast Print Services and Sydney Wedding Services.