Commercial Interior Design

Gradwell Design is a commercial interior design company. We design and fit out interior spaces for office, retail, hospitality and institutional environments. We do what we do because your environment matters.

Your environment matters to us

Our customers are businesses and organisations who make a difference. A mediocre office or retail space limits the potential of a business. We use our 18 years of retail and office fit out experience to execute square-peg designs so that our customers can shine. We find great joy in partnering with businesses and organisations so that they can achieve their dreams and make their mark on the world.

Your environment matters to your customers

First impressions count. How can you improve your customers’ lives if they don’t want to step through the door? Your customers perceive your brand from the look of your store just as much as from the quality of the product and service you offer. Your customers want a good experience. They want an environment where they can immerse themselves in what you are offering. The commercial fit outs we design integrates your customer’s need with your solution. Good store design draws customers in and highlights your products. Our retail interior design reinforces the brand you want to convey to customers in a non-verbal way, which gives your brand authenticity.

Your environment matters to your team

To make an impact you need a good team around you. Creating a workplace where people thrive is an essential part of building and keeping a great team. Our workspace design ingrains your culture into the very fabric of your environment. The right people fit with your culture and they will feel at home in a workspace that embodies your culture. Your team spends most of their waking hours at work. They deserve to be inspired. Good interior design stimulates creativity and makes people comfortable. Innovative and functional interiors support a sustainable lifestyle where your team can do what they do best – day in, day out.